Atlas Copco launches all-new range of vacuum pumps

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Atlas Copco launches all-new range of vacuum pumpsAtlas Copco is launching a range of GV vacuum pumps, building on its expertise in the closely related field of air compressors. The new GV (general vacuum) oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pumps are suitable for 'rough vacuum' levels between 0.5mbar and 500mbar. Atlas Copco says its experience with designing and manufacturing air compressors has enabled it to create an extensive range of vacuum pumps that are characterised by quality and reliability.

At the heart of the new GV vacuum pumps is Atlas Copco's expertise in the design and manufacture of reliable screw elements. In the 0.5mbar to 500mbar operating pressure range, oil-sealed rotary screw technology is said to offer the best performance at the lowest operating cost.

Thanks to the modulating valve fitted at the pump inlet, the capacity of the pump can be matched to actual demand. This not only minimises the system's vacuum level fluctuations, but also operates the pump at the lowest possible energy point. This feature also means the vacuum pump has to stop and start less frequently, leading to less wear and maintenance and, therefore, increased reliability.

Rough vacuum applications

Atlas Copco's GV vacuum pumps deliver capacities between 20 and 5000m3/h, making them suitable for many applications. From printing and packaging to plastics, electronics, woodworking, bottling and canning, the GV delivers consistent and efficient vacuum.

Thanks to its quiet operation, GV vacuum pumps can be installed close to the point of use. Alternatively, these pumps can also be installed remotely as part of a centralised vacuum system.

Atlas Copco says that the launch of its own range of vacuum pumps enables the company to deliver complete systems, whether the requirement is for compressed air, low-pressure air or vacuum - or a combination of all three. To customers, this means one supplier and one service technician. Koen Lauwers, the Vice President Marketing in the Industrial Air Division, comments: "In the months to come, Atlas Copco expects to launch more new vacuum pump technologies and systems."

While the pumps are initially being promoted to end users as replacements for applications on existing equipment, they are equally suitable for new machines.

Follow the link for more information about the new GV vacuum pumps from Atlas Copco.

18 September 2012

Atlas Copco Compressorsvisit website
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