Improved low-bloom and low-odour instant adhesives from Henkel

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Improved low-bloom and low-odour instant adhesives from HenkelLoctite 403, 408 and 460 are three improved instant adhesives from Henkel that can be used for bonding virtually any materials. The three Loctite instant adhesives are suitable for bonding almost all materials, from plastic through metal to rubber. Thanks to a special formulation, they do not irritate the skin, nor does their safety data sheet list any hazard symbols or chemical substances that pose a risk to health. In launching these improved products, Henkel is strengthening its portfolio with regard to occupational health and safety. The improved formulation has higher moisture tolerance and leads to a longer lasting bond.

Like their forerunner products, the three new adhesives are particularly low odour, which makes them significantly more pleasant as far as users are concerned. Indeed, the trio is suitable for use in poorly ventilated areas. Low bloom is another important attribute: no white edges form that impair the visual appearance of the workpiece. This means that the three new Loctite instant adhesives can also be used wherever aesthetic considerations are important.

All three products are suitable for the rapid fixing and permanent bonding of almost all materials, including plastics, metals and rubber. A Loctite Primer is required for materials that are difficult to bond. The new formulations are also suitable for bonding porous materials such as wood, paper, leather, cork and fabric. They are capable of resisting temperatures between -40degC and 80degC; clarity is another product attribute.

The primary difference between the three products is their viscosity. While Loctite 403 has very high viscosity, at 1200mPa s (millipascal-seconds), Loctite 460 offers low viscosity (40mPa s) and Loctite 408 very low viscosity (5mPa s). The new instant adhesives are straightforward to use. Because the pack size has not changed, customers can continue using their existing application devices and systems without any conversion measures. Loctite 403 and Loctite 460 are available in bottles of 20g, 50g and 500g. Loctite 408 is available in bottles of 20g and 500g.

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