Omron introduces feature-rich, cost-effective HMI series

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Omron introduces feature-rich, cost-effective HMI seriesOmron is announcing its new NB series HMIs, bringing increased functionality and usability suitable for small and medium-sized machines. The models in sizes from 3.5in to 10in-wide screen suit many different application requirements, providing TFT colour touch screens with long-life LED backlighting, a wide viewing angle, and the ability to display over 65,000 colours.

The NB series HMIs incorporate Ethernet, serial and USB interfaces for connection to Omron PLCs and devices, particularly the Omron CP1 compact PLC, as well as automation components from other vendors. The NB HMI also supports the use of a USB memory stick to upload new versions of your program or for backing up stored data.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the NB series HMIs provide all the features and functions needed to create intuitive operator screens quickly, with programming software that can be downloaded freely from the Omron website. The software provides flexible window handling, support for 32 languages, the ability to quickly create animations – linked for example to specific statuses or machine functions – and a host of powerful macros. To save design time projects can be tested in offline simulation mode.

Enabling users to optimise production efficiency, the NB series HMIs provide a number of options for graphical data presentation of both real-time and historical data, providing a readily understandable view of the information. This data can either be stored in PLC memory or downloaded via the USB port to a portable memory device.

In use, status alarms can be set to different fonts or colours to indicate varying priorities or degrees of importance, with options for pop-up alarms, an audible buzzer or setting a bit address in the PLC. Multiple security options are available, for example allowing different security levels to be assigned to different screens and actions, with permission controls for each operator. There are also standard operator confirmation checks to confirm that critical actions have been performed.

Using the new cost-effective Omron NB HMI with enhanced functionality provides machine designers the possibility to give operators and maintenance staff greater functionality and greater ability to interact with their machine.

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15 October 2012

Omron Electronics Limitedvisit website
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