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Low-power angle sensors from Variohm EuroSensor The recently announced low-power version of the Vert-X 21 series angle sensor from the Swiss manufacturer Contelec is available exclusively in the UK from Variohm EuroSensor. Aimed at power-critical applications such as battery-powered joysticks, radio controls or portable processing equipment, this non-contacting magnetic sensor has a reduced current consumption of less than 300uA and voltage rating of between 1.8 and 5.5V DC for a standard measurement range of 0–360 with 0.3 per cent linearity. Furthermore, the Vert-X 21 may be ordered with optional user defined features that widen its application potential such as characteristic curve, index points, direction of rotation and programmable measurement angle.

At just under 23mm diameter, the Vert-X 21 has compact dimensions which suit its use in restricted envelopes, and is available with a choice of servo or bush mounting housings in stainless steel. Both 6mm diameter ‘D’ shafts and 3.175mm slotted shafts are offered, and the unit can be supplied with standard IP54 protection class or optional IP65. The sensor has an operational temperature rating of -40degC to +125degC, and with no contacting sensor parts is suited to hostile environment applications where high accuracy, long life and minimal maintenance are essential.

Variohm EuroSensor provides complete sales and application support across a comprehensive range of position, load, force and temperature sensor technologies and accessories. For further details about the low-power version of the Vert-X 21 series angle sensor, go to

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