VPN industrial routers for internet-based remote maintenance

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VPN industrial routers for internet-based remote maintenanceWieland Electric is launching its VPN routers and VPN portal Wie-Service24 for internet-based remote maintenance. For internet-based remote maintenance the user requires a VPN router at the plant or machine, a secure connection through the internet (a VPN tunnel), a service portal to act as a 'manager' and a VPN client on the PCs of people who want remote access to their systems or machines.

Wieland's VPN industrial routers enable secure and encrypted internet access to the monitored plant and machinery either via the customer's IT network or mobile communication device.

The VPN service portal is the exchange between the plant and machinery on the one side, and service technicians on the other, with both sides building up only outgoing connections towards the portal. This application is very secure and, in addition, the portal allows easy operation via a simple user interface.

The Wie-Service24 VPN portal offers the advantages of easy commissioning, a high level of security through the VPN, automatic generation of router configuration and the interconnection of complete networks without additional routing settings. In addition, only outgoing connections to the Wie-Service24 are necessary; no adjustments are required on the local network, and the need for co-ordination with IT is reduced.

Wieland's VPN routers and VPN portal Wie-Service24 have been designed for use in machine building, building automation, renewable energies and heating–ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC) applications. Follow the link for more information about network technology and telecontrol/Remote maintenance from Wieland Electric.

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