New PCI Express 16-port RS232 card offers high performance

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Roalan is introducing the XS800 PCI Express 16-port RS232 card. This compact PCI Express card has 16 RS232 serial ports terminated in an industry-standard nine-pin male D connector. The 128 byte deep transmit and receive FIFOs deliver full performance up to the maximum baud rate of 921,600.

The XS800 fits into a one-lane PCI Express slot and is plug-and-play compatible. To reduce system resources, all 16 ports share one IRQ. Outputs are short-circuit protected and up to 15kV ESD.

Drivers are available for all Windows operating systems plus SCO, Linux, QNX, OS/2, WMWare and Mac.

Follow the link for more information about serial cards from Roalan.

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