Safety controller integrates with logic and motion controllers

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Safety controller integrates with logic and motion controllersOmron is launching the NX Safety Controller that, when used in combination with the company's new NX I/O system and Sysmac NJ Controllers, is claimed to represent a milestone and a step towards the full integration of automation disciplines - safety, logic, motion and vision - in one software (Sysmac Studio), one network (EtherCAT) and one control system (Sysmac NJ Controller).

Omron's NX Safety Controller and the distributed Safety I/O can be freely placed in the EtherCAT network. The integration in one software (Sysmac Studio) simplifies initial system design, setup, and maintenance of the application. With this integrated system, machine builders and system integrators can focus improving the performance and safety of machines more than the system configuration.

Sysmac integrated safety is suitable for demanding applications meeting Performance level (PLe) according to the EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL3 according to IEC 61508 (EN 61508). Sysmac integrated safety conforms to programming standard IEC 61131-3 and includes certified PLCopen Safety Function Blocks.

The combination of Omron's integrated system and safety components – from safety switches and safety sensors to motion devices with integrated safety function – is said to benefit machine builders. Omron aims to be a global one-stop supplier that can offer not only components but also systems and services, like Input-Logic-Output including safety from small to large machine builders.

Omron says that its Sysmac Architecture new NX Safety Controller series in combination with new NX I/O system and Sysmac NJ Controllers will contribute to and help increase machine safety and improve productivity for the total machine life cycle. For further details go to

21 November 2012

Omron Electronics Limitedvisit website
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