Wieland’s GST18 System has been increased from 16A to 20A

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The rated current of Wieland Electric’s complete gesis GST18 plug and connector system has been increased from 16A to 20A. This applies to all components and to the prefabricated cables with a conductor cross-section of 2.5mm². This change has been made to comply with EN 61535:2010 installation plug connector standard.

This will further extend the flexibility of the gesis GST18 plug connector series for all application fields, particularly in energy distribution for buildings. To increase current-carrying capability, contacts have been adapted and extensive lab tests have been carried out. Full compatibility with previously supplied gesis GST18 products is also guaranteed.

Apart from installation and maintenance cost savings of up to 30 per cent and installation time reductions of up to 70 per cent, the benefits of the gesis GST 18 system include the flexibility and reusability of the components. The range can easily be adapted to suit any layout, should the building be put to a different use.

The gesis electrical installation system consists of 2 to 5 pole, coded plug connectors, ribbon and round cables as well as a large number of distributors, couplings, infeed adapters, device terminals, and electronic components and assemblies for building automation. All components are industry prefabricated and tested. They are designed for mains power supply, extra-low voltage, BUS systems or signal voltage.

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