Trombone servo drive range now has increased power

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Elmo has expanded the power ratings of its super compact, direct-to-mains Trombone and Gold Trombone servo drives: the Trombone 12A/400V has increased to 16A/400V, while the Gold Trombone 8A/800V has gone up to 12A/800V. These drives are available from Inmoco.

The Trombone is a standalone DC servo drive that delivers up to 7kW of continuous power, while the Gold Trombone can produce 10kW of continuous power. The drives are based on Elmo’s advanced SimplIQ motion control technology. Both operate from a DC power source in current, velocity, position modes, while Gold also has an advanced position mode.

They can be used in conjunction with a permanent-magnet synchronous brushless motor, DC brush motor, linear motor or voice coil. They are designed for use with any type of sinusoidal or trapezoidal commutation, or with vector control. The trombone and DC Trombone can operate as a standalone device or as part of a multi-axis system in a distributed configuration on a real-time network. These drives are set up and tuned using a Windows-based application which enables users to quickly and simply configure the servo drive for optimal use with their motor.

The Trombone is available in two versions, Standard and Advanced. Standard is a basic servo drive which operates in current, velocity and position modes, while Advanced has additional positioning capabilities. The Gold Trombone meets the highest level of motion control application requirements, providing top servo performance, advanced networking, built-in safety and high power density, combined with a fully featured motion controller and local intelligence.

Neither the Trombone nor the Gold Trombone servo drive requires a separate transformer, but can be powered directly from a mains supply. Both are efficient and support a variety of feedback sensors, while advanced filtering and velocity gain scheduling enhance dynamic performance.

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