Ultra lightweight USB industrial vision camera uEye ML

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Ultra lightweight USB industrial vision camera uEye MLWith a magnesium casing, the recently announced uEye ML industrial vision camera from IDS GmbH weighs just 37g, yet is robust enough for use even in extreme industrial environments. A USB 2.0 interface and a 1.3 Mpixel CMOS sensor from e2v bring a versatility to the uEye ML that makes it suited to applications in ITS, quality control, microscopy and medical engineering, as well as machine vision.

The 1280 × 1024 pixel CMOS sensor runs at 25 frames per second at full resolution and offers a Linescan-Mode as well as a Logarithmic Mode for use under high-contrast imaging conditions. It is also the first sensor to not only offer the flexibility of four shutter modes, but to be able also to switch between individual modes whilst the camera is in operation. The shutter modes can be adjusted according to the signal-to-noise ratio for distortion-free images or in critical lighting situations. Available in colour, monochrome and NIR versions, the sensor offers outstanding sensitivity.

The light weight and compact size of the camera is important for space limited applications such as in embedded systems and apparatus engineering. The camera also features a C/CS lens mount and an 8-pin Hirose connector (HR25), offering two GPIOs and optically decoupled trigger and flash I/Os. IDS’s sophisticated Software Suite also supports the new USB uEye ML cameras with uEye Cockpit and the IDS camera manager allowing easy installation and configuration of the camera.

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