Common machine vision interface platform for IR cameras

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Common machine vision interface platform for IR camerasIntegration of infrared imaging into machine vision applications is now much easier with the introduction by Xenics of a common GigE/CameraLink/CoaXPress modular platform for its range of infrared cameras. This can be used for applications such as such as inspection, identifying and measuring parts, pick-and-place and assembly, high-speed sorting, failure analysis and hot-spot detection.

The interface module provides a standard interface for a wide range of Xenics’ IR camera families, covering the full IR wavelength range from SWIR to LWIR, including thermography. The camera module can be connected to a GigE (with and without PoE), CameraLink or CoaXPress interface, or standard analog video (PAL or NTSC) in which case camera settings and modes can be controlled through RS232. This new approach brings modularity and flexibility and easy integration not just for industrial use, but also for traffic control and medical applications.

This new common platform is available for the Gobi cameras (LWIR at a resolution of 640×480 or 384×280 pixels), Bobcat (2D SWIR, 640×512 or 320×256 pixels) and Lynx (SWIR line-scan, 1×512 or 1×1024 pixels). Lynx also offers a SWIR linescan format of 1×2048 pixels).

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