Burkert launches new butterfly valves

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Burkert launches new butterfly valvesBürkert UK is introducing Butterfly isolation valves to its range of products. Available in sizes up to 12”, the valves offer the key advantages of being lightweight and reducing installation size compared with other types of isolation valves where space is at a premium. In addition, their lower torque operation also reduces the size and cost of actuators that Bürkert offers in support of the new range.

The launch of the range of Butterfly valves follows Bürkert UK’s recent introduction of Ball valves in sizes up to 4”. Bürkert UK & Ireland Sales Manager Neil Saunders says: “These introductions are expanding our capabilities tremendously, with the aim of providing the most complete and comprehensive range of process solutions from a single source to the food, pharmaceutical, bio-technology, medical, water treatment sectors, petrochemical and oil and gas sectors.

“The Butterfly valves complement our Ball valve offering; they are generally a better choice for isolation above 4”, because they are much lighter in weight for larger sizes than other valves, making them easier to handle and install. Their lower torque than other isolation valves also means smaller actuators, resulting in further reductions in weight and also costs.

Our range of Butterfly valves are available in different body materials, with different liners depending on the application. Discs are generally Stainless Steel, although they can be coated against particular application where Stainless steel is not suitable. They are available lugged or semi lugged to suit different flange connections.”

Bürkert UK are providing a full range of pneumatic rotary actuators and positioners in support of the new Butterfly valves. In applications requiring precise valve control, Bürkert offers an integrated package using its low-cost type 8791 BASIC positioner. Suitable for a range of applications, the 8791 BASIC is suitable for use in harsh environments due to its protection class IP65/67. It is also very flexible, offering the ability to be mounted in various orientations to linear and rotary actuators, according to IEC534-6 and VDI/VDE 3845 (Namur), as well as to other Bürkert process valves.

Offering – at a price described as comparable to analogue devices –- the key benefits of simple start-up and easy operation, high accuracy, no internal air consumption and high levels of protection, the 8791 BASIC is reliable and flexible across a wide range of applications, in sectors such as Hygienic Processing, Water treatment Steam and Gas Handling, mainly in the control of auxiliary processes -water, steam, air, heating and cooling.

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10 January 2013

Burkert Fluid Control Systemsvisit website
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