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With the new BML-S1H magnetically coded position and angle measurement system from Balluff, positions can be measured down to the micrometre at any time even without a previous reference run.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the device finds its place even in the smallest of installation spaces. It works without contact and is wear-free with high linearity. As a result, even in highly dynamic applications the measurement system provides for optimal position feedback and the best possible control quality. Areas of application are electric axles, linear guidance systems, pick-and-place units, and the drive area of measuring and test equipment.

The magnetic tape length-measuring system consists of a sensor head and a magnetically encoded tape (magnetic tape). The sensor head glides at a distance of up to 0.35mm over the magnetically encoded tape, which has alternating polarity. Since the system works magnetically, it is also insensitive to temperature change, dirt (such as from dust and oil), or wear.

With a housing height of 13mm and a length of 40mm, the BML-S1H system currently has what is perhaps the world’s smallest design of an absolute magnetic measuring system. Even the complete electronics are integrated into the robust metal housing (IP 67). With measuring lengths of 64 or 256mm, the system finds its place even in the smallest of installation spaces, regardless of whether it is mounted vertically or horizontally.

The system has the option of being delivered with an SSI or configurable BISS-C interface. An analogue, sinusoidal real-time signal 1Vss(sine, cosine signal) for highly dynamic controls is also available. The resolution reaches up to ≤ 1um with a system accuracy of up to +/- 7um and a travel speed of up to 5m/s to achieve higher processing speeds and higher precision and control quality.

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