New powerful Hägglunds CBM direct hydraulic drive

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New powerful Hägglunds CBM direct hydraulic driveThe Hägglunds CBM, the result of many years of R & D and testing, is a new range of very large, heavy-duty hydraulic motors that eliminate the need for gearboxes and provides direct drive for high-torque applications ranging from wind turbines and tidal stream generators to very large bulk handling and processing plant.

Fifty per cent lighter than its predecessor, the CBM delivers 50 per cent more torque and places less weight on the drive shaft to provide what is claimed to be the world’s highest torque-to-weight ratio. In addition, the CBM delivers a number of operating advantages expected from a direct drive, including full torque from zero, protection from shock loads and four-quadrant operation.

Brian Holmes, Sales Support Manager for Bosch Rexroth, says: “The Hägglunds CBM direct motor offers end users more than just great driving force. The drive not only handles heavier workloads, but also takes up less space and reduces weight on the drive shaft. This makes the new motor ideal for use on large bulk materials handling plant, like apron feeders and bucketwheel machines, through to heavy mixers, digesters and diffusers.

“The motor’s reduced installation requirements, combined with the higher productivity it provides, can mean lower overall investment costs and increased long-term revenue. This allows Rexroth to provide the advantages of a hydraulic drive to a broader range of applications than ever before.”

Installation is made simple due to the splined hollow shaft that eases the attachment to the driven shaft. Direct retrofit kits are also available to make the upgrade of an existing motor quick and easy. The motor utilises the Hagglunds DU drive unit to provide infinitely variable speed along with accurate load control and fast response due to the low inertia. This, coupled with the large range of displacements, allows the user to select the right size for their application and to maximise the products efficiency.

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