Knife edge rollers for lubrication-free belt deflection

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Knife edge rollers for lubrication-free belt deflectionigus UK is introducing new knife edge roller bearings that enable manufacturers in the food and beverage industry to increase process efficiencies. The iglidur tribo plastic bearings are reliable and lubrication free, and as a result, offer excellent performance in conveyor systems.

igus knife edge rollers have been developed to the specific demands of the food and beverage industry, such as operating temperature and FDA-conformity. As the knife edge rollers are manufactured from igus’ high-quality and wear-resistant iglidur plastic materials they are free from lubrication, therefore requiring no maintenance, and offer a high life time and long service life of the conveyor belt.

The universal and robust iglidur P210 bearing material has low humidity consumption as well as a good wear resistance and a high service life, whereas, the FDA-conforming all-round material iglidur A180 is suitable for applications with low to moderate loads in a food and humid environment, and iglidur A350 for medium to high-load applications. iglidur A180 provides excellent performance in temperatures up to 90degC, while iglidur A350 operates reliably in high temperatures up to 180degC.

Thin igus knife edge rollers allow narrow deflection radii for optimal use of available space and a smooth delivery of goods that are especially difficult to handle. In addition, as the knife edges roll, rather than slide, they have a lower required driving power, which enables manufacturers to make energy cost savings.

Matthew Aldridge, director at igus UK, says: “At igus we continue to develop our range of materials, so we can offer the best solutions to our customers. Our high-performance plastic knife edge rollers help to deliver goods carefully, conveying food and drink smoothly and efficiently along the manufacturing process in many applications.”

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