Robust worm-drive rotary stages outperform alternatives

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Robust worm-drive rotary stages outperform alternativesAerotech is promoting its AGR series motorised rotary stages, saying they provide significant improvements in speed, load capacity and long-term positioning performance over previous generations of worm-gear-drive stages. These high-quality worm-drive rotary stages address a wide range of applications for general-purpose positioning in industrial and laboratory applications, in a robust and economical package.

Performance specifications for the AGR series are said to be a step above the typical worm-drive rotary stage:

  • Accuracy is to 20 arc seconds with 8 arc seconds bi-directional repeatability
  • 30 rpm maximum speed
  • 360-degree continuous or optional limited travels
  • Tilt error motion is 10 arc seconds, axial error motion is 5um and radial error motion is 10um
  • Maximum axial load is 425kg

A larger clear aperture is a key enhancement over previous generations of worm-gear-driven stages. Apertures are available from 50-200mm diameter. This feature enables the AGR series to address applications requiring a through-hole or accommodations to mount an optic, including articulation of beam polarising lenses, through-holes for cabling and/or air lines, or vision/camera/inspection applications.

The AGR stage base is fabricated from an aluminium alloy that offers significant weight savings in multi-axis arrangements and other weight-critical applications, while providing high structural stiffness and long-term stability. Each stage is designed with two high-precision angular-contact bearings with optimal spacing to provide excellent error motions coupled with high load capacities in a compact package.

Options include brush, brushless and stepper motor selections, as well as a direct encoder mounted to the stage shaft for outstanding repeatability and to virtually eliminate hysteresis and backlash. A full range of matching drives and controls are available for a complete single-source package. Vacuum-compatible versions for use in pressures as low as 10-6 Torr are available.

Follow the link for more information and to download a data sheet for the AGR series rotary stages.

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