Infrared temperature sensor is smarter and more compact

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Infrared temperature sensor is smarter and more compactMicro-Epsilon is launching the thermoMETER CSmicro non-contact infrared temperature sensor that utilises a small sensor head and compact electronics fully integrated into the sensor cable, which makes it suitable for installation where space is restricted. The sensor is also attractively priced, particularly for OEMs and medium- to high-volume applications. Chris Jones, the Managing Director at Micro-Epsilon UK, states: "The features and functionality of the sensor are simply unmatched at this price level."

Micro-Epsilon's thermoMETER CSmicro miniature sensor electronics now includes an LED for quick health checking of the system. The integrated LED can be used for alarm indication, intelligent sighting support, self-diagnostic functions or for showing the current measured temperature value without the need to look at the serial or analogue output. The CSmicro can be used in a wide range of OEM applications, particularly where installation space is restricted.

The CSmicro series is available in four models, covering a temperature range from -20degC to +1030degC and can withstand ambient temperatures up to 120deg C without requiring any cooling. The sensor benefits from robust, precision manufactured silicon optics with AR coating. Temperature resolution is 0.1degC with optical resolutions of 2:1 and 15:1.

A two-wire loop-powered version of the CSmicro is also available. The signal is output via a current output and the temperature range is from -40degC to +1030degC. The high-sensitivity version provides a resolution of 0.025degC over the range -20degC to +150degC. A short-wavelength model is also available for very high temperatures up to 1600degC, which is suitable for measurements in secondary metal processes.

All variants of the CSmicro series can be programmed via an optional USB connection; the software also enables the emissivity to be adjusted to suit the target object and the analogue output characteristics can be adjusted to suit the temperature range being monitored.

A range of accessories are available for the CSmicro series, including mounting brackets, air purge collars and right-angle mirrors.

Application example

Contact or touch temperature (haptic temperature) is an important parameter in assessing the tactile quality of a surface. This feeling of temperature can be determined by using a suitable measuring system. If this parameter is known, an objective feeling of surface quality can be made.

Micro-Epsilon's CSmicro series is currently being used on a tactile reference system or sensotact-scale. The manufacturer of the tactile reference system required a non-contact temperature sensor with a very small sensor head, miniature electronics and a small laser spot size, as well as low power consumption and high-speed measurement capability. Now, by integrating a CSmicro to the system, precise measurements can be recorded without time-consuming studies being carried out by inspectors, which normally lead to subjective test results. Temperature measurements are now exact and do not depend on the transparency, gloss or colour of the target material.

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