Self-reversing machined screws manufactured to order

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Self-reversing machined screws manufactured to orderSelf-reversing machined screws offer a number of advantages over traditional lead screws and nuts when a reciprocating motion is needed. Whereas a lead screw requires the driven screw to change its direction of rotation to enable the nut to return to its original start position, the self-reversing machined screw can simply rotate in one direction. A typical application would be the winding of cables and hoses on drums.

With the self-reversing screw product available from Abssac, only one direction of rotation is required to achieve reciprocating bi-directional lateral movement. This is achieved by means of a follower blade in the nut that is matchined to suit the groove width and screw turn round on the screw.

This follower blade is usually machined from phosphor bronze, aluminium-bronze or, in some cases, hardened steel; the blade is designed so that it can be replaced if it wears. Self-reversing screws are available from Abssac in diameters from 10mm to 180mm, manufactured from carbon, alloy and stainless steels, in lengths up to 6m. Using gear ratios of either 4:1 or 2:1, the product has many applications. Because the self-reversing machined screws are manufactured to order, Abssac can easily incorporate additional end features on the screw, as well as any necessary external features on the nut housing the follower blade.

Follow the link for more information about self-reversing machined screws from Abssac, and to view a short movie that demonstrates the operating principle.

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