New combined pressure relief and check valve for microhydraulics

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New combined pressure relief and check valve for microhydraulicsLee Products is launching the 281 PRI/Chek Valve that combines the functions of a pressure relief valve and a check valve in one insert that is designed to be easy to install. The relief valve function features a rugged tungsten carbide ball and a 440C seat for durability and long life. The remaining components are manufactured from stainless steel.

281 PRI/Chek Valves are available with or without integral safety screens and in a range of relief flow cracking pressures for system pressures up to 5000psi. Maximum restriction in the Free Flow Direction is only 300Lohms (550Lohms for the screened version).

Each Lee PRI/Chek Valve is 100 per cent tested and inspected in both flow directions to ensure reliable, consistent performance.

Follow the link for more information about the Lee PRI/Chek Valve and other precision microhydraulics from Lee Products.

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