Single or dual axis digital inclinometer has RS485/RS422 output

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ETLG Inertial Aerosystems is announcing a new single or dual axis inclinometer with RS485/RS422 output. Manufactured by Jewell Instruments, the DXI-100/200 series uses a highly accurate closed-loop servo sensor element to deliver a rugged, low-noise, high-precision inclinometer.

The single or dual axis units are available in six full-scale angular ranges from +/-1 degrees to +/-60 degrees, with angular resolution and threshold of .001 degrees (17 urads). Operating temperature is -40degC to +70degC with power input from 10 to 30V DC.

Designed for use in high shock and vibration environments, the DXI series is housed in an IP67 aluminium enclosure weighing approximately 250g. Dimensions are approximately 91mmW by 46.5mmH by 51mmD. Applications include radar/antenna control, structural monitoring, train position control, seismic monitoring and platform levelling.

For more information about the DXI-100/200 series single or dual axis inclinometer, email , or visit the website at

27 March 2013

ETLG Inertial Aerosystemsvisit website
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