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Ultrasonic sensors from Balluff measure fill levels, heights and loop control without making contact, as well as count and monitor the presence of objects. Because they are not affected by dust, dirt and mist they are suitable for critical applications. Balluff now offers an extended product line.

Thanks to its display, the BUS M30M series of ultrasonic sensors is simple to operate. Full numeric pre-setting of the sensor is possible. During operation, the display then visualises all measured values in either mm/cm or as a percentage. The sensor family comprises five variants and, with a measuring range from 30cm to 8m, covers a wide variety of applications.

All variants are available with either one or two switching outputs, an analogue current and voltage output, or as a combination with switching and analogue output. The sensors can be used in multiplex operation as well as automatically synchronised to prevent them from influencing one another.

With a housing length of just 41mm, the ultrasonic sensors of the BUS M18M series are very compact. A narrow sound cone and a blind zone of just 20mm make the sensors very versatile. Two housing variants – straight and with a 90 degree angle head – are each available with four scanning ranges of up to 1.3m.

A special highlight is the IO-Link interface. In addition, variants with a push-pull switching output or an analogue output with 4...20mA or with 0...10V are available.

Also new are the small BUS R06K ultrasonic sensors in rectangular housing. They operate with particularly high resolution. For challenging measurement tasks, two versions can be upgraded with an attachment waveguide. This allows measurements to be made in boreholes and in openings with diameters > 5mm. For simultaneous operation of up to 10 sensors in a constricted space, the series is equipped with a synchronisation input. The wide range of variants with switching output or with current or voltage analogue output in five operating scanning ranges make the sensor family suitable for nearly limitless applications.

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