High-efficiency helical bevel gear units for high hygiene

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High-efficiency helical bevel gear units for high hygieneNord Drivesystems' new aluminium two-stage helical bevel gear units for hygienic environments provide up to 97 per cent efficiency, which is far better than can be achieved by worm gearboxes. The easy-to-clean, smooth-surfaced units are supplied in five sizes with a maximum torque of 660Nm. The new washdown design is available in open or closed frame versions and is manufactured using a special casting process that produces a durable high-quality smooth surface finish with large radii and no dead spaces to trap debris. Cleaning liquids wash off easily and completely from the surfaces. In addition, the surfaces remain considerably cooler than those of conventional drives thanks to the special construction.

The design of the aluminium two-stage helical bevel gear units has been optimised for use in the food industry, among others, and complies with international guidelines and standards such as EHEDG, ANSI / BISSC, and ANSI / NSF. They can be ordered with hollow or solid shafts and optionally supplied with double shaft seals.

A one-piece UNICASE housing design is employed to provide high resistance to torsional loads and mechanical stress. With the optional NSD tupH surface treatment, they become very resistant to corrosion as well as acids and alkaline solutions. Nord's CleanDRiveSolutions is not a coating, which means that layers cannot peel. Instead, the process transforms surfaces with up to seven times the hardness of the base aluminium material. As a result, the housings acquire robustness and durability qualities that are similar to stainless steel versions, while remaining much lighter and more economical. In addition to food industry processes, the gear units are also suitable for conveyor systems and hoists, especially in applications where geared motors have to be moved and their light weight becomes an important benefit. All gear units can be combined with suitable smooth-surface motors from Nord or other manufacturers.

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