GA 250 compressor reduces energy bill and CO2 emissions

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GA 250 compressor reduces energy bill and CO2 emissionsAtlas Copco is unveiling an energy efficient GA 250 compressor, which is part of the newly introduced range of GA 160+-315 lubricated screw compressors. The new single-stage element improves the performances by up to 10 per cent compared with the previous generation. The intelligent Elektronikon controller integrates advanced functionalities to optimise the use of the compressor. Thanks to the energy recovery system, the heat generated by the compressor can be recovered and turned into a new energy source in the facility.

Around the globe, thousands of GA compressors are running in applications like power plants, mining, cement, glass and tyre manufacturing. By combining this strong experience with new approaches, the GA160+-315 compressors reach new peaks of integration.

Chris Lybaert, President Oil free Air division, says: “With our global presence and strong service support teams, we have better insight of our customer’s priorities. Our commitment is to continue to invest in sustainable, innovative solutions to help them increase their productivity. This universal performer delivers high quality compressed air at the lowest operating cost.”

Designed for an operation up to 55degC, this package integrates new features (such as an oil-containing frame, the electronic-controlled water drain….) while the footprint is reduced by 5 per cent. The GA Full Feature concept is the ultimate integrated product to deliver clean dry air and improve the system’s reliability. In addition to that, longer service intervals, reduced maintenance time and easier installation further reduce the operating costs of the compressor.

Conrad Latham, Vice President Marketing Oil free Air division says: “The GA160+ -315 open up new perspectives to boost the productivity of our customers. Today, we are starting an exciting new journey with the GA160+-315 range and we look forward to meeting our customers and present them how this fantastic offer can help them achieve more.”

With the enhanced energy savings features of the GA 160+-315 lubricated screw compressors, reducing the energy bill and CO2 emissions become reality. Learn more at

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