New air baffles provide efficient heat dissipation

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New air baffles provide efficient heat dissipationPentair has developed Schroff air baffles for both front and rear I/O that meet the MicroTCA sub-specification defined for the advanced physics community, known as MicroTCA.4.

MicroTCA.4 incorporates additional rear I/O and precision timing enhancements to the MicroTCA base specification for performing and evaluating experiments on particle acceleration, photon behaviour, etc. at physical research centres. Applications of this nature require additional rear transition modules (RTMs) to accommodate the large number of I/Os on the rear front panels and to physically separate digital and analogue I/Os, as well as high-precision clock and trigger signals. This specification is, however, also of interest to other market segments in industry, such as in test and measurement situations, where the same requirements often arise.

When the front or rear I/O slots of a MicroTCA.4 system are not fully occupied with boards, the gaps must be fully sealed to ensure optimal heat dissipation. The MicroTCA.4 specification defines air baffles that function as covers for unused slots, thus aiding efficient heat dissipation.

Schroff air baffles for the rear I/O area are available in double mid-size and double full-size. Four sizes are available to cover the front slots: single mid-size, single full-size, double mid-size, and double full-size. In addition, further baffles have been developed for use via a memory control hub (MCH) or a power module (single mid-size and single full-size). All Schroff air baffles are supplied with a captive M3 screw.

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