E3NX-FA fibre amplifiers deliver stability and resolution

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E3NX-FA fibre amplifiers deliver stability and resolutionOmron is expanding its N-Smart portfolio of smart laser sensors and amplifiers with the launch of the E3NX-FA range of fibre amplifiers. Available with a single output as standard and two outputs on advanced models, these innovative amplifiers offer fast and effective auto-tuning, comprehensive support for manual tuning, and the industry’s widest dynamic range to ensure stable detection of targets.

With advanced Smart tuning, the user just needs to press the tuning button once with the target present, and again with the target absent to automatically set the optimum incident level and threshold. Comprehensive manual tuning options are also supported to enable the detection mode and threshold to be optimised, ensuring greater detection stability in the most challenging applications.

Further, the dynamic range has been increased by a factor of 40,000 compared with conventional amplifiers to provide enhanced detection reliability with everything from the most saturated incident levels to the weakest incident levels. Incident light adjustment in as little as 30us in high-speed mode enables more stable detection of faster targets.

The E3NX-FA features Omron’s Dynamic Power Control (DPC) technology to automatically compensate for changes in the incident light level. In addition, when incident light drops to the compensation limit, perhaps due to a build-up of dirt or misalignment through vibration, the amplifier outputs an alarm signal, aiding in predictive maintenance.

Another innovative feature of the E3NX-FA amplifiers is the high-contrast, white-on-black display that is clearly visible even from long distances, and is less tiring on the user’s eyes than conventional displays.

E3NX-FA amplifiers are available pre-wired (2m length) or with a wire-saving connector. An additional model offers connection to an EtherCAT-based sensor communications unit for high-speed transmission of I/O-signals and incident light levels. EtherCAT is Omron’s network of choice for the full range of Sysmac automation platform products, including PLCs, machine controllers, servo drives, vision systems and sensors.

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