Stemmer Imaging expands product portfolio for industrial optics

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Industrial optics from Italian manufacturer Opto Engineering are now available from Stemmer Imaging. Opto Engineering is primarily known for its bi-telecentric measurement lenses with fixed aperture. Stemmer Imaging customers can benefit from these excellent lenses in addition to the telecentric range from long-standing partner Sill Optics. The lenses are now available from Stemmer Imaging’s European offices in Germany, UK, France, Switzerland and the Benelux countries, which also cover Austria, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Luxembourg and Poland.

Mark Williamson, Director, Corporate Market Development at Stemmer Imaging, explains that the main reasons for the new partnership beside the bi-telecentric lenses are the additional innovative developments offered by the Italian manufacturer. He says: “Opto Engineering has convinced us with their wide range of telecentric lenses, 360 degree view optics, fully motorised, telecentric zoom optics, standardised Scheimpflug optics and the telecentric lenses with two camera ports for different magnifications. Opto Engineering’s high-quality products and their reliable delivery increase Stemmer Imaging’s market strength in the area of industrial optics and allow us an even better response to our customers’ needs.”

The new partnership with Opto Engineering is also an interesting fit with Stemmer Imaging’s recent distribution agreement with infrared camera manufacturer Xenics. In addition to their SWIR, MWIR and LWIR products Opto Engineering’s product range includes a variety of lenses that match all Xenics IR cameras. This means Stemmer Imaging can provide their customers with all the necessary components to find the product best suited to their infrared vision applications.

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