Bearings boost energy efficiency for electric motor rebuilders

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Bearings boost energy efficiency for electric motor rebuildersSKF Energy Efficient (E2) deep groove ball bearings are enabling electric motor rebuilders and rewinders to differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering a more energy efficient rebuild. SKF E2 bearings, which significantly enhance energy efficiency through reduced bearing friction, are renowned for their low energy consumption, but can also offer many additional benefits to rewinders and rebuilders of electric motors.

SKF E2 deep groove ball bearings offer reliability and extended lifespan thanks to a series of advanced design features. The improved internal design and surface finish of SKF E2 bearings, plus a low-friction grease, means double the bearing life when compared with standard SKF shielded bearings in medium loaded applications. The complete range of shielded, greased-for-life bearings now also includes a sealed variant, which provides minimal interference between the inner ring and seal lip without compromising sealing performance.

Above all, rewinders and rebuilders can take advantage of outstanding energy efficiency with a bearing option that typically reduces friction between 30–50 per cent. In an age where manufacturers are keen to reduce their environmental footprint, the SKF E2 bearing range can help position rewinders as market leaders when it comes to building in sustainability, thus giving them a valuable competitive edge.

SKF E2 bearings are dimensionally interchangeable with standard bearings and can now be fitted in motors from 37kW up to 350kW. The bigger the motor, the bigger the potential for savings, but whatever the size, installing SKF E2 bearings will boost motor uptime and energy efficiency, while also reducing maintenance, repairs and operating costs.

SKF Certified electric motor rebuilders include: WGM Engineering (Scotland), Team Rewinds (North East), Fletcher Moorland (Midlands), Mid-Kent Electrical Engineering (South East) and Anstee & Ware (South West). To learn more about SKF E2 energy efficient bearings and SKF's full range of bearing products, please visit

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