Motors are 25 per cent smaller with power maintained

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New from Dunkermotoren are BG45SI brushless DC motors with integral 4-quadrant speed control. Saving space, reducing overall design and assembly time whilst maintaining (or even improving) performance are often among the key objectives for designers and machine builders. Motors are a key component in many applications where the demands ‘to make it smaller’ are important, and the BG45SI brushless DC motors with integral 4-quadrant speed control have been developed to meet this demand.

The length of the BG45x15SI has been reduced from 120mm to 88mm and the length of the more powerful BG45x30SI reduced from 135mm to 103mm, a reduction of 25 per cent whilst maintaining the same power, torque capabilities and motor efficiencies. These compact and integral sub-100W power units offer high power density combined with true 4-quadrant digital speed control. The motor connector design has also been modified to ensure further space saving and convenience in mounting and connection.

With a 12 or 24V power source, at a nominal speed of 3000 rpm, the longer of the two units, the BC45x30SI is continuous duty rated for 80W power output. Based on the improved design, however, the motors can achieve peak powers of four times the continuous duty rating and therefore, a starting torque of up to 100Ncm is possible.

Target speed for the motor can be set using an analogue +/-10V DC input signal. Alternatively, different set speeds can be selected via digital inputs using simple start-up software. The drive has a total of four digital inputs. Of these, two are for selecting the four operating conditions; rotation clockwise/counter-clockwise, stop with free running, and stop with holding torque. The other two digital inputs are designed for the selection of the fixed motor speed with acceleration and deceleration ramps. In addition, there are three digital outputs with pulse output functions (12 pulses per revolution), which direction of rotation is assigned and fault output signal.

Other than long-life ball bearings, the motors contain no other wear-prone mechanical components and so are suited for continuous duty applications. The BG45SI motors are part of a complete family of modular components such as planetary and worm gearboxes, encoders, and brakes which offer virtually infinitely variable configurations to meet most application requirements.

These versatile intelligent brushless motors are designed for dependable, long-life use in a wide variety of factory and commercial automation, as well as medical and laboratory equipment applications. More details on Dunkermotoren BG45SI Brushless DC Motors are available from

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