Energy chains that are easy to install and cost effective

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Energy chains that are easy to install and cost effectiveIgus is promoting its long-travel e-chains for applications such as cranes and lifts. Energy chains from igus UK are designed to accommodate cables and hoses in many different types of applications, from the smallest printer to large offshore cranes. igus’ cost-effective e-chains are modular and therefore can be assembled quickly and easily to accommodate any length of travel, enabling engineers to save installation time.

In most cases, long travels of e-chains can run unsupported for lengths of up to 150m. However, in instances where additional support is needed, for example in offshore cranes and lifts, igus supplies a range of light and space-saving guide troughs from stock, as well as a bespoke service for special requirements. The company works closely with its customers, offering innovative options based on simplicity, cost effectiveness and high performance.

igus has a special outdoor testing centre where the e-chains are tested against the environmental elements, high loads, speeds and noise resistance. Engineers requiring equipment with low noise levels can find e-chains that measure as little as 33dB(A) and deliver a smooth operation, even in the fastest moving applications. In addition, the continual tests and numerous field applications prove the cable chains are reliable in protecting cables in harsh environments.

Engineers around the world are benefiting from e-chains’ long service lives, short assembly times thanks to the modular design, short delivery times and a good price/performance ratio, which in turn offers a cost effective, safe and secure approach to the management of cables.

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