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A new generation of frame grabbers offered by Stemmer Imaging Available from Stemmer Imaging, the Xtium-CL PX4 is the first member of a new series of frame grabbers from Teledyne DALSA. The Xtium series is engineered to meet the ever-increasing image resolution and faster frame rates of today’s camera technology. In addition to PCIe Gen 2.0 x4 and CameraLink, upcoming models will support CameraLink HS as well as other popular interface standards on a PCIe Gen 2.0 x8 platform.

The new Xtium-CL PX4 utilises FPGA technology to deliver higher bandwidth which sustains CameraLink 80-Bit modes over longer cable distances. Based on the industry standard PCI Express Gen 2.0 4× expansion bus to deliver high speed access to host memory, the Xtium-CL PX4 offers data rates of over 850MB/sec and supports a wide variety of area and line scan colour and monochrome cameras.

Fully compatible with CameraLink 2.0, the Xtium-CL PX4 features Power over CameraLink for Base, Medium and Full cameras as well as supporting CameraLink 80-bit modes (also known as 10-tap and deca mode) in a compact, single slot product. Fully compatible with PCIe Rev 2.0, the frame grabber is also backwards compatible with PCIe Rev 1.× ×4/×8/×16 slots, ensuring a wider selection of PCs and slots.

The newly engineered, on-board Data Transfer Engine produces maximum bandwidth without the need for specialised motherboards or chipsets. By enabling maximum sustained throughput and ready-to-use image data, the Xtium–CL PX4 minimises CPU usage and improves processing times for host applications. The frame grabber is supported by the field proven Sapera Vision SDK and Sapera CamExpert utility.

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