Compact, easy-to-clean spray nozzle offers long life

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A compact and easy-to-maintain air-actuated fan nozzle which has a very high life cycle rating compared with other similar nozzles has been added to the range offered by BETE Ltd. The Hydropulse is an innovative, low flow rate, flat fan, air actuated nozzle which has a huge life-time rating of 380 million cycles, compared with alternative nozzles which typically offer around 10 million cycles.

The Hydropulse is suitable for spraying applications which require a flat fan pattern with an intermittent spray. It is designed to recycle spray up to three times per second without dripping, so is suitable for coating and other similar precision spraying applications in food and chemical processing, lubrication etc.

Nozzle internals can be removed in one simple operation and this, combined with its ability to be assembled without the need to uninstall the entire unit, facilitate easy cleaning and maintenance.

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