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Universal iglidur J gliding pads from igusigus UK has developed the new iglidur J gliding pads for customised slewing ring bearings. Now much larger turntables can be manufactured from 500mm diameter upwards, giving engineers the benefit of additional design flexibility.

iglidur J gliding pads are produced from specially formulated triboplastics that are maintenance free and boast low coefficients of friction. They do not require any lubrication, therefore are resistant to dirt and debris. Corrosion is not an issue either; with them the slewing ring will withstand any environmental and adverse weather conditions. The advantage of this new product is that the size of the slewing ring is completely down to the requirements of the engineer. All they have to do is select the number of pads needed to create the desired size; the pads can be easily clipped together giving a stable, secure and smooth sliding surface. Housings can then be manufactured in either stainless steel or hard anodised aluminium.

iglidur J gliding pads provide robust and reliable performance at temperatures up to 120degC (short term) and 90degC (long term), while maintaining a high electrical performance with a surface resistance > 1012 Ohms. Slewing rings produced with these pads also have extreme load capabilities.

Complementing the igus PRT range of slewing rings, which is already used within a wide and varied spectrum of applications, iglidur J gliding pads are suitable for use in cleanroom and industrial environments, as well as arduous weather conditions such as those found in the solar power and wind farm industries.

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