Microfluidics - micro dosing pump is precise and reliable

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Microfluidics - micro dosing pump is precise and reliableBürkert is launching the type 7615 micro dosing pump, as well as developing the complementary valve range. The new, self-priming diaphragm pump has been designed for precise dosing in the microlitre range and combines high dosing accuracy and precision with chemical inertness. With the valve body made from PEEK (Poly ether ether ketone) and seals available in FFKM and EPDM, the pump is suitable for a wide range of neutral as well as aggressive liquids.

The new pump is designed with three valves which can be operated to allow pumping in two directions as well as being simultaneously opened to allow flushing of the pump. The dosing quantity ranges from a minimum of 5μl per stroke up to a maximum of 8ml per min in both directions. With an accuracy of less than +/-2 per cent, the new pump is suitable for precise dosing of very small quantities of liquids.

Type 7615 is an addition to the existing type 7604 micro pump, which is a self-priming, adjustable diaphragm pump measuring only 11mm in width and designed for continuous pumping applications in the 1–5ml per min range. Requiring either 12 or 24V DC supply and with a low power consumption of just 1.5W, this pump is well suited to mobile devices using a battery for the power source. With similar valve body and seal materials, the type 7604 is also suited for use with aggressive media.

Technology in today’s world is getting smaller and more reliable. For businesses involved in Life Sciences, analytical chemistry, in-vitro diagnostics and medical devices, the ability to automate processes and miniaturise the devices involved is becoming a driving force for manufacturers in this field. The ability to deliver a modular product range which can be integrated into existing arrangements, backed-up by technical expertise is crucial to a successful customer experience.

Please follow the link for further information about micropumps from Bürkert.

04 September 2013

Burkert Fluid Control Systemsvisit website
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