Module clamp for Han-Modular industrial connector system

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Module clamp for Han-Modular industrial connector system Harting is introducing a module clamp for use with the company's Han-Modular industrial connector system. The new unit allows single modules to be assembled in a fully pluggable implementation in an IP20 environment in a simple, inexpensive and space-saving manner.

Installation is highly efficient, as the modules can be snapped into the module clamp in a matter of seconds and be removed just as quickly. Removal is achieved by using either a screwdriver or a removal tool. If necessary, a cable tie may be used to secure the stranded wires in the slots provided on the strain relief flange. Handling is also very easy. Modules can be plugged and unplugged with just one hand, even in hard-to-reach areas.

The Harting Han-Modular series offers more than 30 single-module connectors for power, signals, data, optical or pneumatic interfaces. The current family includes power modules for 16A, 40A, 70A and 100A; signal modules with up to 25 contacts; shielded modules for up to 20 contacts; data modules for USB, FireWire, RJ45 or Gigabit Ethernet; optical interfaces for POF (plastic optical fibre) or glass fibre; and pneumatic modules for 3, 4 or 6mm tube diameter.

Follow the link to view the data sheet for the module clamp for Han-Modular industrial connector system (250kB PDF).

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