High-performance xiros polymer bearings from igus

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High-performance xiros polymer bearings from igusigus UK is taking its xiros polymer ball bearing range one step further with two high-performance tribo-polymer protective bearings: xirodur F180 and the xirodur D180. These products have been designed by igus to overcome the technical limitations of conventional bearings, including resistance to high temperature and extreme wear.

The F180 is a conductive polymer which effectively protects from electro-static discharge (ESD) and is able to bear temperatures of up to 80degC. In addition, this ESD protective bearing features all the lubrication and maintenance-free properties of the original igus polymer range, which in turn makes the product cost effective. Thanks to its lightweight design, the F180 is suitable for a variety of applications across the semi-conductor, materials handling, paper processing, glass and textile industries.

Alongside the F180 is the xirodur D180, which is four times more wear resistant than the general purpose corrosion-proof xirodur. With specialist fibres featuring outer and inner high-performance rings and balls, made from either glass or stainless steel, this lightweight bearing is also resistant to high rotation speed. As a result, it provides a reliable, long life.

In order to help engineers and designers choose the right bearing and ensure efficiency and customer satisfaction, igus UK has also introduced an online xiros calculator, where users can simply input key parameters and calculate a bearing’s service life according to its application.

Follow the link to view a short video on the new xiros polymer ball bearings.

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