Precision miniature cold rolled lead screws and nuts

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Precision miniature cold rolled lead screws and nutsAbssac is promoting its precision miniature cold rolled lead screws and nuts, which are just one product in the company's extensive range of lead screws that includes quality power screws in diameters from about 16mm up to 200mm.

With lead screw diameters in the range 2-6mm the key is in the manufacturing technique to ensure thread integrity and lead accuracy; Abssac has mastered the production of cold rolled lead screws this small and the company has supplied products to many divers markets around the world, including medical, defence and robotics. In each case, whether it is a single-start or multi-helix thread form, linear runout and concentricity of the thread are maintained to the required precision classification. Miniature lead screws are manufactured in steel and stainless steel - and, on some occasions, plastics.

The knowledgeable application engineers at Abssac can also match the screw to a suitable nut, thereby ensuring that performance-orientated nut designs are delivered at competitive costs. Miniature lead screw applications require smooth operation and low frictional drag due to physically smaller drives with torque limitations. Ensuring the fit between the nut and screw threads is of paramount importance, as small errors in these areas can lead to torque spikes during operation. When integrating miniature lead screws within mechanisms it is important to consider carefully how the nut is attached; Abssac's engineers can work with customers to incorporate tangs, levers, external threads or other custom features to make the component do more, thereby improving performance and reducing overall costs.

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