HD camera delivers high-quality images at higher frame rates

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HD camera delivers high-quality images at higher frame ratesStemmer Imaging is now supplying the high-definition Sony FCB-EV7500 'enhanced visibility' camera module. Operation at full HD of 1080p/60 and 1080p/50 is supported. According to Stemmer Imaging, the camera module benefits from a visibility enhancer, a wide dynamic range and adaptive 2D/3D noise reduction, which, together, are said to deliver outstanding image quality even in challenging conditions. The Sony Exmor CMOS sensor also gives significantly higher sensitivity than previous Sony HD models.

The new sensor and a newly developed image signal processor give improved image quality in terms of picture sharpness and colour optimisation. The 'visibility enhancer' is a key new feature that allows for adaptive contrast display in the captured image. Various contrast settings can be applied to different areas of the image to give the best overall picture. This facility is very useful for situations in which mist or smoke are present, as well as in scenes with a general wide dynamic range.

In addition there is a wide dynamic range function that allows two frames to be captured at varying exposures at full resolution in order to combine high- and low-contrast areas; this is extended to four frames when operating at 720p resolution. The new wide dynamic range feature is then combined with the visibility enhancer to give excellent results in all lighting conditions. 30x optical zoom is provided.

The high frame rate at full 1080p resolution (previous HD modules only supported 30 fps) means that fast-moving images are seen in a more natural smooth motion. Adaptive 2D and 3D noise reduction further enhances image quality while minimising motion blur. The new camera will automatically adapt the level of 2D/3D noise reduction in different areas of the picture, depending on whether the area is static or moving. 3D noise reduction is applied to static areas by comparing multiple frames to reduce noise most effectively. 2D noise reduction is applied to areas of movement to reduce noise without trailing effects.

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