Plain bearing linear axes for food and beverage applications

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Plain bearing linear axes for food and beverage applicationsigus is introducing the spindle-driven linear axis drylin SLT-BB and linear module drylin SLW-25120. Both models have been specifically developed for machines and equipment used in the food and beverage industry, fulfilling specific design requirements concerning installed size and load-bearing capacities.

Its high-capacity, compact design size and lubricant-free operation make the drylin linear axis SLT-BB suitable for automation applications in food and beverage machinery, including vending machines. A minimum height of 20mm and width of 45mm can be achieved thanks to the innovative lateral positioning of the spindle alongside the linear guide. The compact design weighs only 0.15kg with a manual or motor drive both being possible. Movement can be fast as well as effortless and smooth with a maximum rotational speed of 1000rpm and a maximum linear speed of 1.5m/min. The lead screw is available with a trapezoidal or hi-helix thread; a range of different thread pitches is also available ex-stock. The bearing clearance can be adjusted using the complementary drylin T-miniature slide TWE-04-12.

With its low profile and sturdy design, the drylin SLW-25-120 is suitable for demanding positioning tasks. This linear module can transport up to 1000kg radial load, and an axial load of up to 250kg is possible. Despite this high load-bearing capacity, the module has a flat and compact design and is therefore easy to install. It is suitable for manual adjustments as well as for electrical adjustment, and is connected to a motor via a flange or coupling. Equipped with a torsion-resistant aluminium double-shaft profile, a hard-anodised rail and thermoplastic high-performance plain bearings, this linear module achieves high stability and a maintenance-free drive.

Since all of the bearing points of the drylin products are lubricant-free and dry running, they do not attract dirt and debris; their maintenance-free operation significantly lowers operating costs while ensuring high reliability. Go to to learn more about the drylin SLT-BB and drylin SLW-25120, .

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