igus xiros ball bearings for multiple applications

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igus xiros ball bearings for multiple applicationsigus is promoting the xiros ball bearing range, an array of versatile and durable lubricant and maintenance-free polymer bearings. These state-of-the-art products can endure temperatures of up to +150degC and are highly resistant to corrosion. In addition, they are light weight, waterproof and non-magnetic and are thus suitablefor a variety of industrial applications.

xiros ball bearings offer a cost-effective and reliable option in a variety of circumstances where the use of conventional metallic ball bearings is problematic. Typical applications range from all kinds of medical equipment, pumps and measurement machines as well as transport and conveying technology – particularly in the chemical, food, laboratory and packaging sectors. In addition, the igus xiros ball bearings are suitable for applications where rotational speeds exceed the limit of a plain bearing.

In order to help engineers and designers choose the right bearing for the right application and ensure efficiency and customer satisfaction, igus has created an online xiros lifetime-calculator. This tool enables users to easily input key parameters and calculate any bearing’s service life according to its application.

Please follow the link to view a short clip on the xiros range of ball bearings from igus.

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