6mm plug-in industrial relays now switch sensitive loads

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6mm plug-in industrial relays now switch sensitive loadsOmron is expanding its G2RV range of plug-in industrial relays to include relays specifically designed to reliably switch sensitive loads such as input signals.

Suitable for interfacing input applications - including providing galvanic separation between signalling devices and PLC (programmable logic controller) inputs, the segregation of AC and DC circuits, and the separation of circuits operating at different voltage levels - the new G2RV light-load input relays feature gold-plated contacts rated at 50mA at up to 30V AC or 36V DC.

The relays feature Omron's three-click connection system for fast and easy wiring while guaranteeing fault-free connections. In addition, integral LEDs and mechanical flag indicators provide continuous status indication.

Dedicated cables

For connecting G2RV input relays to Omron CJ1W PLCs and the Omron Smartslice I/O system, the company has also introduced dedicated cables, and there are cables for use with Siemens S7/300 and S7/400 PLCs too. Cables for the new Omron NX I/O system have been added to the portfolio as well.

Like all relays in the G2RV range, the new models are claimed to offer exceptional levels of reliability. In DC switching tests at 100mV with a 1mA resistive load, they easily achieved failure rates at Q level according to the JIS C5003 standard, which corresponds to just five failures in 100 million operations, whereas competitive products typically have failure rates that are at least twice as high.

Follow the link for more information about G2RV plug-in industrial relays.

08 November 2013

Omron Electronics Limitedvisit website
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