igus readychain light rack system slashes machine assembly costs

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igus readychain light rack system slashes machine assembly costsWith a frame thickness of only 40mm, the new igus readychain ‘light’ is only half the size of its original readychain rack, and so is suited for smaller applications. Thanks to the modular system of telescopic supports and braces, the igus readychain ‘light’ can be pre-assembled into an igus energy chain harness, and delivered and fitted to the machine within days. This fast turnaround enables machine and plant engineers to reduce their process costs by up to 80 per cent in the prototype phase, and up to 50 per cent over the complete assembly process.

Justin Leonard, Director, explains: “Sub-assemblies are being increasingly used in engineering applications, giving many benefits in terms of cost and logistics time. This applies just as much to pre-assembled, tailor-made energy chain systems: the faster the energy supply arrives for the machine, the faster the machine can be finished, which is why igus readychains are being used in more and more mechanical and plant construction applications.”

Thanks to the simple latching mechanisms, modifications to the rack can be carried out at any time – without any welding or re-painting work being required. Another benefit of igus readychain racks is their reusability; every igus readychain rack can be dismantled into its individual parts, and then be quickly reassembled for another project.

The components of the new readychain rack ‘light’ include cross-pieces, T-pieces and telescopic frames. Giving more flexibility to machine and plant engineers, the original large readychain rack can be combined with the ‘light’ version by means of adapters. Regardless of their size, both racks are constructed to millimetre precision even at the prototype phase, yet they can still be modified later for series production. All components used in readychains undergo an extensive quality control and functional tests.

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