igus bearings for high-load rotational applications

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igus bearings for high-load rotational applicationsigus is promoting its PRT slewing ring bearing, developed to help engineers and designers easily solve all problems associated with high-load rotational applications. With two layers of self-lubricating low-friction sliding polymer pads, in place of those of traditional ball bearings, this cost-effective option is suitable for a variety of applications, including welding plants and transport systems. PRT bearings feature a robust design and maintenance-free properties, including resistance to chemicals, low moisture absorption and good vibration dampening.

In order to help the end user find the right product for the right application, igus offers this product in a range of different models – one option being the traditional design with iglidur sliding elements and rings made of anodized aluminium or stainless steel. An alternative model, which comprises head rings made of iglidur and supporting anodized aluminium or stainless steel rings, fits cost conscious applications that require a lightweight product.

Furthermore, the equipment can be tailored to customers’ needs to an even greater extent, with extra dimensional elements including distance rings, drive journals, clamps and a gear ring drive system. Please follow the link to watch a clip on the PRT slewing ring. For more information on igus products and to request free product samples, please go to

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