Gocator 3100 series smart sensors collect 3D data in one shot

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Gocator 3100 series smart sensors collect 3D data in one shotStemmer Imaging is introducing the LMI Gocator 3100 series 3D smart snapshot sensors that are suitable for a wide variety of non-contact, in-line inspection applications where objects must remain stationary. They combine 3D point cloud acquisition and a rich set of volumetric and specific 3D feature measurement tools in a single industrial package. Gocator 3100 snapshot sensors can be used in many inspection applications, from automotive to reverse engineering.

As latest addition to Stemmer Imaging's portfolio of 3D smart measurement sensors, the Gocator 3100 features an integral structured blue LED light projection illumination source with stereo scanning technology that enables 3D point clouds to be captured in a single snapshot, even under challenging ambient light conditions. It performs high-resolution non-contact measurement at up to 5Hz. The Gocator 3100 is suitable for dimensional measurement of many features such as holes, slots, studs, and gap and flush assessments.

In common with other Gocator products, the innovative all-in-one design puts everything needed for set up, measurement, and control in one web-enabled, pre-calibrated package. With no additional software to install, the Gocator can work with any computer and operating system. Powerful built-in tools provide a full suite of measurement capabilities to turn 3D data into real-time measurements to solve many diverse inspection challenges. Specific measurement tools include rectangular opening, circular opening, slot, cylinder, threaded stud, corners, edges, and gap and flush.

The Gocator's IP67 housing, small form factor and weight of less than 1.5kg make it very useful for use in small spaces and for mounting on robots. Follow the link for more information about the Gocator 3100 series 3D smart snapshot sensors and other LMI products available from Stemmer Imaging.

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