SKF upgrades thermal cameras to enhance condition monitoring

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SKF upgrades thermal cameras to enhance condition monitoringSKF is launching two upgraded thermal cameras that cut costs and enhance efficiency by enabling engineers to detect potential problems before they occur. The SKF TKTI 21 and TKTI 31 thermal cameras can be used in multiple applications to spot the unusual heat patterns that indicate machine problems, enabling prompt preventive maintenance to reduce production losses due to unplanned downtime. By helping to increase plant availability and reliability SKF thermal cameras will realise a high return on investment when used as a part of a proactive maintenance programme.

Julien Meunier, SKF product developer, syas: “Thermal cameras are often used in the food processing industry to detect overheating pumps, this not only helps maintenance planning but can also help reduce the amount of spoilt products.”

The TKTI 31, which replaces the TKTI 30, has been upgraded with a thermal detector that has 40 per cent more pixels. With a 380×280 pixel detector, the TKTI 31 has a lower cost than most other brands that offer a standard 320×240 detector. Meanwhile, the new TKTI21 is significantly cheaper than its predecessor and is described as one of the best priced and appointed thermal cameras with 160×120 resolution on the market.

SKF thermal cameras meet the needs of condition monitoring engineers by offering a convenient means of inspecting running equipment under full load, thus minimising production interference. The cameras also help engineers to avoid the safety issues of inspecting hard-to-access or live electrical equipment.

SKF thermal cameras are supplied with an easy-to-use thermal imaging analysis and reporting software, which was designed with the help of real users. Unlike many other similar products, detailed image analysis and professional reports are quick and easy to produce and with a click of the mouse can be shared with others in either PDF or MS Word format.

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