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Sherlock: versatile multi-platform machine vision softwareStemmer Imaging describes the Sherlock advanced machine vision software interface from Teledyne DALSA as an extraordinarily versatile imaging development environment for vision integrators. This advanced machine vision software is available for use on PC-based vision systems as well as in embedded versions for Boa smart cameras and the VA range of multi-camera industrial vision systems. For added flexibility, hardware-independent image acquisition for Sherlock can be provided through Stemmer Imaging's own Common Vision Blox imaging toolkit.

Sherlock supports monochrome and colour area and line scan cameras. Its rich suite of proven vision tools and advanced algorithms can be applied to a wide variety of automated inspection applications, while a wide choice of inspection region shapes and capabilities such as drag-and-drop and copy-and-paste provide extensive design flexibility. With Sherlock available across so many platforms, developers can choose the most appropriate imaging configuration for the application, with no need to compromise on measurement capabilities.

Standard tools within Sherlock include:

  • Search (pattern finding)
  • ID readers
  • Character readers (OCR)
  • Measurement and counting tools
  • Contour tools
  • Texture and colour classifiers

A variety of speciality tools have also been included to simplify difficult inspection tasks such as the inspection of beads of material or measuring the height/profiles of parts using laser lines.

Sherlock machine vision software plug-ins

Stemmer Imaging's Common Vision Blox (CVB) not only provides the possibility for hardware-independent image acquisition, but also offers specialist tools that are available as plug-ins to the Sherlock environment. These include premium tools such as CVB Minos and CVB Manto. CVB Minos is one of the few decision tree pattern recognition tools on the market that uses real grey scale features. CVB Manto is a versatile software tool for the recognition and classification of objects that vary. CVB Manto is based on specially adapted technology from support vector technology.

Sherlock supports a variety of communication methods (I/O, serial, Ethernet/IP) and standard protocols such as Modbus and ProfiNet for easy factory integration.

Follow the link for more information about Sherlock and Common Vision Blox (CVB).

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