Electrically actuated quarter-turn valves for a range of options

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Electrically actuated quarter-turn valves for a range of optionsProcess control systems that are crucial to maintaining efficient output in production systems must provide safe and reliable operation. With such a wide variety of applications, the use of quarter-turn valves has become widespread, but it is very important to ensure that the selection process for new or replacement valve actuators is carried out carefully so as to avoid poor performance or incompatible equipment.

While there are a large number of control valves available today, many with complex control applications, designed to work with communication networks and to provide precise, measured control of fluids, there remains a large requirement for simple, reliable control valves that may need to operate in hazardous conditions.

To ensure design engineers and maintenance engineers are able to specify suitable equipment, Bürkert Fluid Control Systems has maintained its testing and improvement programme for these often overlooked products, resulting in the 3003 and 3004 model introductions.

This range of electrically operated actuators offer fast and reliable control and are designed to support many applications from 20Nm up to 100Nm. The versatility of the design allows the valves to be powered by a wide range of both AC and DC supplies, as well as offering analogue control inputs and outputs. Furthermore, the modular design of the valves enables additional features such as extra limit switches, potentiometers and emergency supplies to be connected.

The material and component selection of these valves has been designed to provide maintenance-free operation even in harsh environments, with the housing constructed from flame-resistant material and a built-in torque limiting device to ensure safe and reliable operation. Designed to IP66 and with built-in mechanical limit stops and a visual position indicator, the Type 3003 valve incorporates all the features required of a compact, versatile and dependable control valve.

For applications where control is required within a hazardous, potentially explosive atmosphere, Bürkert has developed the Type 3004 valve, which is classified as ATEX II 2 GD Ex d II B T6 and rated to IP67 and therefore suitable for installation in areas classified as zone 1. This valve is also more powerful than the Type 3003, offering a maximum torque of 300Nm, while still offering similar options for the supply voltage and the analogue input and output signals.

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14 January 2014

Burkert Fluid Control Systemsvisit website
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