High-performance multi-camera embedded industrial vision system

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High-performance multi-camera embedded industrial vision systemStemmer Imaging is now supplying the Teledyne DALSA Geva 3000 multi-camera embedded industrial vision system. Suitable for installation in factory environments, this is the latest addition to Teledyne DALSA's range of multi-camera embedded industrial vision systems. It is available in two versions to support cameras compatible with GigE or CameraLink standards and features the Gen3 Intel Core i7 processor to deliver over six times the processing performance of the entry-level Geva 300 and up to three times the performance of the mid-range Geva 1000 multi-camera embedded industrial vision system.

The Geva series incorporate the processor inside an industrial, fanless camera controller rather than the camera head. This brings easier integration because it can be positioned in a chassis alongside other automation controllers; furthermore, smaller cameras can be used where space is at a premium.

Multi-camera operation or high-resolution images

According to Stemmer Imaging, the low-power-consumption, high-performance Gen3 Core i7 3.2GHz turbo processor is well suited for most vision applications. The Geva 3000 also features 8GB DDR3 1333MHz fast onboard program memory that is suitable for multi-camera operation or high-resolution images. The Geva 3000 comes complete with either iNspect Express or Sherlock machine vision software running on the Microsoft Windows 7 Embedded Operating System.

The Geva 3000 supports Teledyne DALSA area scan and line scan cameras, and the GigE versions feature six GigE ports for multi-site inspection or multi-point connections. A wide range of USB, RS-232, DSUB, DVI-D and HDMI display ports are available for interfacing to PL-USB (a companion I/O expansion module allowing for easy integration of up to four additional Teledyne DALSA Genie cameras), peripherals, serial PLCs and multiple display options with resolutions up to 2048 x 1536 pixels.

A CL version is also offered, featuring the Teledyne DALSA Xcelera-CL PX4 Dual frame grabber. This board can acquire images simultaneously from two CameraLink Base style cameras or one Medium style camera. Teledyne DALSA supplies a number of area and line scan cameras that support this standard.

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