Transformers with multi-voltage input for worldwide use

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Murrelektronik is promoting its transformer with multi-voltage input, suitable for input voltages from 208 to 550 Volts. Different transformers have to be installed in different plants and systems depending on the voltage. With 208V mains voltage in the USA, 230 in many European countries and even 500 in parts of Africa, that is a lot of different requirements. After all, the output voltage at the secondary side must always be the same as required for the application. Therefore, a company with a high export ratio has to stock various types of transformers. This large number of variations increases inventory costs, complicates ordering processes and requires elaborate documentation.

Murrelektronik’s transformers with multi-voltage input provide a solution to this problem. The transformers feature a flexible selection of input voltages and can be adapted to the different mains voltages by simple bridging. The obvious advantage is that the same transformer can be used for any machine, worldwide. A total of 11 different input voltages from 208 to 550V are pre-configured. This facilitates inventory and purchasing processes.

Another advantage is the Murrelektronik transformers are available with two times 115V or – with series connection – 230V. This makes it possible to conveniently handle the various operating voltages of the machines.

A bridging set that adapts the transformers for different mains voltages is included as standard. The bridges are equipped with flat plug connections which simplifies replacing. The transformers are available for nominal power rating from 25VA up to 5000VA and approved according cURus, Germanischer Lloyd and GOST.

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