SKF TKDT 10 enables fast, effective temperature measurement

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SKF TKDT 10 enables fast, effective temperature measurementSKF is launching a new condition monitoring thermometer that meets the market need across industry for a compact, high-quality, accurate instrument for measuring temperature by direct contact. The device offers a wide measurement range from -200degC to +1372degC (-328degF to 2501degF), making it a powerful tool with which to increase plant efficiency. The TKDT 10 is especially designed for ODR maintenance tasks on bearings, gearboxes and other critical machine components where the accurate measurement of temperatures allows the early identification of problems and their root causes.

The SKF TKDT 10 is suitable for a wide range of applications and has the facility to allow two SKF temperature probes to be connected. The device also offers a number of features that enhance ease of use. For example, it can display two measurements simultaneously, show their temperature difference and display minimum, maximum or average values to further support the measurement task.

While contact temperature devices are not typically supplied with a probe, the SKF TKDT 10 comes equipped with the SKF TMDT 2-30 temperature probe, which is also suitable for many applications. In addition, SKF TKDT 10 features a large back-lit LCD helping to ensure that the temperatures can be seen in even poorly lit environments, with the possibility to freeze the display to further enhance easy reading. The instrument is supplied in a sturdy carrying case to ensure a long lifespan.

Mark Ely, SKF Product Manager, says: “The SKF Thermometer TKDT 10 is a valuable instrument for use in ODR programmes or by the maintenance team. Supplied with a high-quality temperature probe, users can be confident in obtaining fast, easy and accurate machine temperature measurements.”

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