MH70I Industrial PC offers an open and flexible system platform

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The MH70I Industrial PC from MEN Mikro Elektronik offers an open and flexible system platform based on high-performance and robust CompactPCI boards, and complete software support. It is configurable with a selection of standard hardware, software and accessories and can be used in many industrial applications, as well as in vehicles.

MEN’s MH70I combines flexible functions tailored to industrial applications with robust 19” mechanics, scalable high-end computing and graphics performance, and reliable system management. MEN’s first 19” Industrial PC owes its modularity to a combination of CompactPCI, CompactPCI Serial and PCI or PCI Express cards. A pre-installed software package with all drivers required for Windows Embedded Standard 7 makes the MH70I a cost-effective, reliable and long-term available platform with a short time to market.

Being the first member of MEN’s new system family with a pre-defined basic functionality, the MH70I is tailored to industrial applications. It boasts a compact size of a half 19” rack, thus making it possible to install two systems side-by-side in a standard 19” housing. It offers space for nine individually configurable slots and can also be wall mounted. Two PSU slots ensure a redundant, safe power supply and support AC, DC or USP PSUs. Two slots are provided for both CompactPCI and CompactPCI Serial peripheral boards. Two additional slots, which can either be used for PCI or PCI Express cards, or for two CompactPCI Serial peripheral boards as well as the CompactPCI PlusIO system slot, complete the set-up of the modular system.

The Industrial PC is built around the F22P CompactPCI PlusIO SBC with Intel Core i7 or Celeron processor offering one VGA interface, 2 USB and two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces at the front as well as up to 16 GB DDR3 DRAM. Regarding the choice of the peripheral boards, there are almost no limits to your creativity. Within a pre-defined set of boards you can select analog or binary I/O via M-Modules, fieldbus functions, SATA hard disks or wireless functions, as well as Ethernet interface boards or Ethernet switches. A SATA RAID with up to four HDD shuttles can be built in the CompactPCI Serial slots.

Price is dependent upon on configuration. For further information about the MH70I Industrial PC please go to

21 February 2014

MEN Mikro Elektronik GmbHvisit website
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